Nomes Dee - One To Watch

Nomes Dee - One To Watch

Illustrator and digital artist, Nomes Dee is the latest name to have on your radar. Her work is a bold and beautiful showcase of women of color, as well as figures of popular culture, but it's her futuristic style that separates her work from others. Each piece sports a fantastical twist on reality, with a vibrant and vivid uniform. We caught up with the Zambian artist, real name Naomi Dee, to discuss her artwork.

Where do you live and how does it influence your work?

I live in Lusaka, Zambia and this manifests itself in my work in many ways. It is a land filled with color and movement, furthermore, the pop cultural influence tends to permeate through society and individual tastes in a way that is unique to Zambia.


Tell us about the arts scene in Zambia / Africa right now?

The art scene in Zambia and Africa in general is burgeoning, I personally have noticed an invigoration of the arts landscape and have been discovering new and interesting work practically on a daily basis.

How long have you been illustrating, and what's the journey been like for you?

I have been illustrating in this medium for just over a year and the journey has been enlightening and challenging, in the sense that it has enabled me to grow within my medium and explore new ways of expression.


Your illustrations feature many black women - is this something that’s particularly important to you as an artist?

The depiction of woman of color largely has to do with ideas of representation, particularly in mass media and traditional art forms.


What inspires the boldly colourful and vibrant nature of your illustrations?

I am naturally drawn to vibrant imagery and the life and energy it can represent.


We've noticed you illustrate for musicians? What would be your dream collaboration? 

I love music, and its intrinsic to my creation process, I'm afraid it would be near impossible for me to single out one or even 5 artists I'd love to collaborate with.

What are your aspirations as an artist?

I suppose my aspiration as an artist would be to depict a time in history, my generation, in attempt to promote understanding and acceptance.


We love your experimental film ' Driving Day Fan Video'. Do you have an interest in pursuing other art forms?

Thank you! I believe as artists, we are constantly evolving and naturally if this leads me into pursuing other art forms, I will do so.

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